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Professional Guitar lessons Fraser Teaches Guitar offers private guitar lessons to students of all ages.  Whether you're a beginner or advanced player, my guitar lessons will give you the skills you need to become a great musician.

Guitar lessons near me.


I offer personal guitar lessons and musical instruction for anyone, from the young beginner to the adult who needs to improve their music theory, scales and improvisation, and soloing. I specialize in electric and acoustic guitar with a focus on Rock and Blues and other forms of contemporary Pop music. I teach performance, theory and composition as well as reading music and ear training.

Fraser Agresta Instructor
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What I Offer

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Success in learning frequently depends on finding the right Guitar instructor

One day while picking up my guitar from being repaired I happened to overhear a conversation that included another guitar teacher talking about  what a terrible day he had.  He described having to listen to his students as painful. I was a little bit taken aback as I had never come close to feeling this way. My job is to help you learn how to play the guitar quickly, efficiently and have a great time doing it. I love what I do.


Teaching Philosophy

I am sometimes asked to concisely explain my method of teaching. I really can't. Every student is different. I have had students at many different levels. Beginners of all ages. Teenagers looking to get into music school. Adults who may or may not have played when they were younger but now have the time to focus on doing something they've always wanted to do. After talking to a student (and parents?) about their reasons for wanting to learn how to play I will come up with options and a plan. I don't think there is any one “right” way to learn how to play an instrument. Especially the guitar.


Your choice

Electric & Acoustic Guitar and Bass,  as well as Ukulele.

You can come to me. I can come to you. 

I also offer virtual lessons. 

Contact me today to see how you can benefit from my wide range of services.


Who am I?

I began playing the bass guitar in 9th grade. I stunk. I wanted to play baseball much more than practice. I learned to read music while playing the clarinet and eventually the tuba in high school, where I began to fool around with the guitar. I really didn't get serious about the guitar until I graduated high school and went to college. There I was able to study for several years with a few different teachers with different styles. Jazz, blues and just a touch of classical. I started playing with my band Myrage at the age of 18 and Rock & Roll has been my passion since then. I started teaching guitar around the age of 23 ( probably a bit too soon) and have learned a lot along the way. Learning the guitar is easy. Getting good is hard. I'm still learning everyday.



I have been teaching guitar for over 25 years. Before that I studied privately with several teachers in various styles including jazz, blues and classical. I attended Western Connecticut State University and planned on studying the guitar and tuba to pursue a career in music education. While there I began teaching guitar privately. I began to realize that although I had always wanted to be a high school music teacher, that wouldn't be for me. I discovered how much I loved teaching individually. I felt as though I was well suited and prepared for this challenge, and was excited to give it a go. Shortly thereafter I began focusing on teaching privately and have been doing so ever since.

I am proud to say I have been teaching at D'Addario Music in Stratford Connecticut my entire adult life. I have taught many Stratford and Bunnell High School graduates and am happy I was able to stay connected to the town I grew up in. Besides giving lessons Stratford, I have taught guitar students from Fairfield, Bridgeport, Trumbull, Milford, Easton, and Shelton.

 As well as teaching, I also performed for most of my life with my band Myrage. We performed extensively from the late 80's till almost 2000. We released 5 songs and plan on finishing a work in progress in the future. In addition to being the band's founder I also wrote and produced the band's material.

Directly below you can listen to or download NO ILLUSION by MYRAGE. 


"Fraser was my best and favorite guitar teacher and without doubt gave me the foundation on which all of my playing technique is built. From modes to rhythm and chords, reading and theory, he's the absolute highest caliber instructor. Patient, inspiring, motivating and a lot of fun, he has a crystal clear manner of conveying guitar method and instilled in me a great woodshed work ethic that's still with me today - some 25 years later. I wouldn't be the player I am without Fraser!"

Jon Gustaitis

jon g.jpg

When I first started playing guitar I was teaching myself by looking at chord charts and tabs on the internet. Eventually I hit a wall, so I went for a few lessons with Fraser. The personalized instruction I got allowed me to continue teaching myself far beyond what I originally set out to learn. The fact that a handful of lessons set me on a course toward confidence with my instrument speaks to the effectiveness of his approach. He's a very chill guy. I never felt any pressure or frustration from him, which is huge when you're learning to play music.

John Diedrichsen

Electric Guitar


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